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According to German Law...

You know what this means

According to German Law...

Postby [eS]felix » May 2nd, '09, 3:42 am

I don't have to explain to you what exactly goes into a random forum, but by unfortunate happenstance(*), this server is located in germany and thus:

    This forum is a subject to german law!

Whilst we are advocates of free speech, there are a few things we are not allowed to tolerate. Let me introduce you to the facts:

    1.Child Pornography is illegal. I.e. nude media of people under the age of 18.

    2.Furthermore, pornography of people who appear to be younger than 18 but are not is illegal too.

    3.Any kind of painted pornography containing underaged people is illegal.

    4.Any kind of fictional (or real) text containing the same is illegal.

Most of all, we can be held responsible for chain links, thus let me remind you:

    Do not post links which chain-link to aforementioned content.

For example linking to wikileaks can be a reason for a raid at the domain/server owner. Talking about a site does not account as linking. We are certain that embedding pictures does not account as linking either.

They are always watching you:

(*)I love oxymorons
Stasi 2.1
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