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Postby RubenCarner » May 27th, '20, 5:15 am

Salomon vs. Merrell – Which is the better brand for hiking boots?

Once the summer begins, we’re again going to prepare clothing and gear for an enjoyable and safe outdoor activity. One essential factor of the happy trip is footwear, which could be either hiking shoes or boots. When it comes to hiking footwear, the most crucial thing is to make sure that the one you purchase can make a pleasant experience for you when out in nature.

Typically, shoes are very flexible and versatile for a range of activities. However, most casual shoes cannot make it become proper footwear for hiking. This is the reason why you’re better picking up a pair made for this specific activity. We don’t review Top Rated Hiking Boots Image or shoes today, but we’re going to look at 2 popular hiking boots brands, which are well-known for making great footwear – Salomon and Merrell.

A brief introduction about


Salomon, founded in 1947 in Annecy, France, as a wood saw and ski-edge workshop, is famous globally for making a considerable number of outdoor clothing and gear for various ages and genders at a wide range of prices. You can find a lot of collections of shoes, boots, bags and packs, clothing, protective and goggles, snowboard and ski equipment from them. Despite its product range expansion every year, Salomon’s focus is on footwear and skis as one of Image Good hiking boots in the market. Salomon’s footwear varies enormously in materials and performance, depending on what the design aims to do. Generally, their minimalist design is very multi-purpose, for many occasions. For hiking shoes and boots, you can find a textile shoe or leather boot with many specific features and proprietary techniques to meet your light-, medium- or heavy-duty activities. For example, they involve the Contagrip® TD outer sole and Gore-Tex membrane in many products to provide the best quality, fraction, and grip, waterproof and breathable features to their hiking gear.

As an American brand, Merrell, which started its business in 1981, is a popular choice for high-performing but affordable hiking footwear. They are building full recognition for sustainability like using synthetic, natural and recycled materials (i.e., recycled polyester, rubber, and EVA) while making products, balancing performance, and durability for each released item. Besides the most common footwear, you can find Merrell’s clothing and accessories for all genders and ages for being out on the trail. One of the most popular technologies applied by Merrell into their products is the M-Select Dry and Vibram outsoles, which are similar to Gore-Tex and the Contagrip® TD, to bring the best experience to hikers while being on the trail.


Which one is better?

There is no black-and-white answer to this question. You can easily pick up the best boots for hiking from both Merrell and Salomon. Both brands are so famous and have been getting a lot of outstanding reviews from their happy customers. However, as the primary purpose of this writing, we’re figuring out 2 points that might help for shoppers to decide which is suitable for their needs:

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- Merrell’s hiking footwear is more affordable but still lovely quality with lightweight and comfort. Additionally, if you’re a green hiker who likes to support nature and the environment, you’ll want to go for Merrell for some good attitudes toward recycled materials and sustainable production.

- Salomon’s hiking boots or shoes usually come up with a great bunch of features and options for more challenging terrains and heavy-duty backpacking trips, and of course, at a higher price. If you’re looking for some specific technical designs and features, Salomon is a better choice.
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