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Defrag problem W10

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Defrag problem W10

Postby RubenCarner » May 27th, '20, 5:15 am

Hi, I have issues to defrag my hard drive : I have "C:", "recovery image" and "reserved to system". It's this last one which give me troubles. When I click optimize, it launches the operation but it takes only 1 second to be completed and nothing changes after all. It shows me fragmented 34%.

I had to fully recover my system once because of W10 problems but I couldn't even use system restoration or factory reinstall, I had to delete everything and reinstall from a CD. I remember I had troubles to attribute hard drive space for the OS because of a file system not compatible or something like that (in bios I had to change from legacy only to something else but I can't remember).

I found some people having more or less similar issues but when I tried solutions proposed, it didn't helped... Is this normal or not ? Sorry for mistakes, I hope that I'm clear enough ! Thank you for your reading and your answers :)
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